Welcome to Realise Happiness

Michelle Hiseman provides a confidential Career Counselling and Professional CV Writing service, helping individuals find happiness and fulfillment in their work and gain control of their lives.

Career Counselling creates space for you to review your career decisions, identify what you are truly passionate about and clarify your values. Career Coaching focuses on setting goals and developing your business skills.

Understand your Key Career Drivers, which are crucial for career fulfilment. Recognise your transferable skills and formulate an effective plan to focus your energies. Discover what success really means to you and how best to achieve it.

How Michelle Can Help

Re-evaluate your career and find a new direction

When you are unhappy at work and don’t know how to change it, Career Counselling will help you review your career choices. Discover what you are truly passionate about, identify your values and Key Career Drivers. Understand why you are dissatisfied, develop a clear direction for the future and an action plan.

Find a future after redundancy

Dealing with redundancy is a difficult time, often leading to loss of confidence and indecision about what to do next. Career Counselling will help you make sense of your situation and turn it into an opportunity to make a positive career change. Discover what you really love, identify your transferable skills, develop belief in your abilities and formulate a clear plan to move forward.

Return to work after a career break

Maximise your chances of finding a job after being out of the workplace for while, whether it has been a few months or many years. Career Counselling will help you regain your confidence and rediscover your work persona and present your career break in a positive light. You will identify the value of your experience and abilities and create a detailed action plan.

Prepare to enter the workplace for the first time

Understand what motivates you, your values and what your Key Career Drivers are. You will be able to focus on seeking work opportunities which suit you best and put in place an action plan to help you achieve a fulfilling career.

Have you got what it takes to go self-employed

Undertake a full review of the advantages & disadvantages of being self-employed, how it fits into your life and develop a detailed action plan.

Develop a Compelling CV

You have a maximum of 20 seconds to impress the recruiter enough not to reject your application. Using a professional CV writer dramatically increases your chances of getting through to the interview stage. People are not good at assessing their own career history and Michelle, an experienced writer, will be able to create a bespoke CV, Cover letter, personal statement and LinkedIn Profile, highlighting your competencies and key strengths, aligning them with your career goals or specific job application.

Interview Preparation

Improve your chances of success, by enhancing your interview techniques. Undertake a practice interview and understand how to market yourself effectively. Build your confidence and face your fears, to enable you to answer a wide range of questions and where needed, give great presentations.